Apple considered other names before “iPhone” for your smartphone

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The iPhone brand is recognized worldwide by anyone moderately tech savvy, or just any smartphone user, as well as those who are eager to get hold of a smart terminal. Apple is also known as a business teacher in advertising and marketing issues since the beginning of the house with Steve Jobs in charge and that spectacular advertising business called simply ” 1984 “. However, this is a long and meticulous process, so before giving the iPhone brand raised more likely to baptize their first smartphone, the company would change forever.

Apple iphone

Apple iphone

Today, a former executive of the white house apple bite has unveiled the first four Apple shuffled names to call your phone . Ken Segall, who was responsible for advertising on Apple by the arrival of the first iPhone, has been responsible for raising awareness of this information, and the four names are just curious.

Before giving the name iPhone , Steve Jobs and his team considered the following names or marks for the first phone from the house of Cupertino:

  • Mobi .
  • TriPod .
  • iPad .

Two of the names, in fact, have enough sense: “TELEPOD” and “tripod”. The first mentioning the iPod , the music player feature of the phone, along with the fact that, of course, it is a phone, and it sounded like a more futuristic ” Telephone “(phone in English) . The second recital in the three facets of the device: Internet, iPod and phone, which then presume Steve Jobs at the launch of terminal, when he was baptized as iPhone .

The name “Mobi” really do not see it as an option according to the style and class of the brand Apple , being honest, and finally the name “iPad” would be the most curious, and finally ended up representing another great white apple device , your tablet. In fact, it is worth remembering that a tablet was Apple’s plans before a phone, but a smartphone was introduced as a better alternative, but then also considered launching the iPad as another device star catalog.

The name iPhone was the winner and which finally christened her mobile, which is currently one of the consumer electronics devices and massively popular in the world.

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