The first Lumia Windows Phone with Dual SIM: Nokia Lumia 630

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This time Nokia is here to provide you a  business named Lumia, Nokia Lumia 630 and its ability Dual SIM .

We do not have more data than the brand name and one of its features, although quite significant. And the Nokia Lumia 630 would become the first Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone and Dual SIM capability . There is also reason to believe that Nokia may launch its corresponding version with a single SIM card slot, hence the double name. As to the place that would occupy in the organizational chart of the manufacturer, it could be very close in specifications of theNokia Lumia 625 , although it is speculated that with a smaller screen, below the 4.5 inches.

In the hands of Microsoft , the company is expected that once was the undisputed number one in the phone market continues to report under the trademark models Nokia Lumia . One of the last to be presented was the Nokia Lumia 525 , which will probably follow the Nokia MoneyPenny , now known as Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 635 depending on the region in which it is marketed.


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