Microsoft will launch four Lumia smartphones

Year 2015 will be very busy for which Microsoft has already released the Lumia 430, the Lumia 435, the Lumia 532, the Lumia 540, the Lumia 640 and the Lumia 640 XL from the beginning of the year! The Mountain View company hinted that the range was still expanding, as 4 new models are about to be created, including two high-end smartphones. Phones that go inflate the mid-range and high-end brand.

Microsoft will strike a blow soon in the mobile sector. The giant is preparing to launch in fact no less than 4 Lumia smartphones, including two on the high end.

These four future models will all be equipped with Windows 10 which would normally be formalized in July. Smartphones Lumia 740 XL, Lumia 840, Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL in some ways become the ambassadors of the new Microsoft operating system in the mobile sector. The Lumia 940 and the Lumia 940 XL will also become the spearhead the range, they will have to do this a hexacore or octocore heart, but especially powerful photo sensors that will delight fans of photos or selfies worldwide. One of the NPC will have a 25 megapixel sensor and the front 5 Megapixels.

We will be back to you with more technical specifications more formally.

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