Nokia X – Nokia’s Android but not tied to Google

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Following the live event MWC, the news that  have drawn most attention is the Nokia X, we already knew as the Nokia Normandy. The Nokia Normandy is the Nokia X with Android. But Nokia has opted for the most used operating system does not mean that you go to give money to Google, it has ensured its commitment to Microsoft and not be harmed.

The new Nokia X incorporates POPs, a  variant of Android not tied to Google services . That if Microsoft will remain the great challenge in terms of cloud services. The X-Series smartphones will provide Outlook and not Gmail, Bing and not Google, no Google MapsSo this Android becomes a different container very similar to what we already had bid. But still, it shows that Nokia ‘s Android beyond Google.

Do not forget the prices, also make a significant different. Nokia is pulled by the midrange and  will be sold to Nokia X and Nokia X 89 euros to 99 euros + masters already available. How we can say that a new series that lower the bar compared to the Lumia, so these remain as the “flagship” of Nokia. So it seems that Nokia’s strategy consists of a lot worse in a segment where it was not present.

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, has insisted much to make clear that, despite using Android, the new Nokia will not have Google services  (standard) Microsoft who will provide them. It was clear that the time to bet  on Android , but that does not mean to put aside to Windows Phone. They sell it as an expansion of the possibilities of Nokia in markets where they were not before.

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