Microsoft acquires Datazen Software for Business Intelligence

Microsoft has just announced that has got hold of a young Canadian company named Datazen, specializing in analytics and data visualization. Datazen, based in Toronto, has developed a BI solution to facilitate mobile use of business intelligence. This is probably what attracted the editor of Redmond.

Datazen focuses on mobile-first approach to BI. The solution is only deployed on site in Windows Server environments. It provides access in real time on a mobile terminal to the various business data via dashboards Which are available in desktop and mobile versions for Windows, iOS versions, Android and finally HTLM5 for browsers.

The Toronto based company relies on the ease of use to facilitate the adoption of its solutions to business. Thus, the dashboards are organized by simple “drag and drop” modules by the administrator. As for users, they have access to data from Excel, SharePoint and other databases in the cloud or locally, regardless terminal (with a thought for touch interface uses).

Note that all the solutions remain available and that the team, although now in the lap of Microsoft, will continue its activities. At least for now, since Kamal Hathi, Deputy Director Cloud & Enterprise at Microsoft says that in the long term, Datazen technology will be integrated with BI Power ” to provide our customers with a hybrid platform . ”

Datazen is now available free for customers on SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

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