Amazon Fire Phone: the new ‘smartphone’ playing with ‘fire’

It is a high-end mobile with unique features like 3D perspective, but will sell for $ 199.

Amazon took a gamble when it launched its tablet Kindle Fire .Although your operating system is based on Google Android, capaba many services such as Google Maps. Many users complained of not having access to Google Play, store ‘apps’ Android and although some versions of popular Google applications were not always the updates are received.

Despite all this, according to data firm ComScore analysis, the Kindle Fire accounted for 54% of all Android tablets sold in 2012. A spectacular despite all these ‘buts’ amount. The secret was crucial, the price. The Kindle Fire, with any decent tablet features and benefits of services Amazon was selling for $ 200. A number that many could afford.

Amazon came up with the winning formula and applied it to their first smartphone, the Fire Phone. ‘s jeff bozoscompany Jeff Bezos playing with fire, because, according to the data provided so far, will sell its high-end phones with unique features for $ 199 (32 GB version) with two-year contract. If you want to free you would have to pay $ 649, which is usually disburse a high end phone, like an iPhone 5S or HTC One M8 .

Amazon wants to add more component to this formula, it is to include “premium services” Amazon. According to Bezos exposed in the presentation, the company has tens of thousands of members of Amazon Prime service, which provides access to movies , music or packet delivery on the same day. Critics point out that perhaps the Prime Hook offer services only buy the phone is not at all appealing to users who do not usually frequent the Amazon store. Moreover, there are those who say that $ 199 is a high price compared to the competition, but overlook this mobile comes with 3D vision andFireFly , a recognition system of objects for a postarior purchase.

Bezos holds to pay $ 199 with two-year contract is a good price. “It’s an aggressive price if you look at what we’ve put on the phone. Can you provide a terminal 32 GB with this feature set, four cameras in the corners and all you have for that price? That’s an aggressive price for a Premium mobile, “he said in an interview with” Re / Code ‘.

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