He came the era of ‘data baby’

Experts warn the obsession of some parents to monitor and share each data


Sofia a baby born in Oakland, the neighboring city of San Francisco, crawls around the house with his intelligent diaper. It takes almost since birth and has already served six months. The diaper, which at first glance looks normal, analyzes the fluids that are deposited on it and presents the results on a small screen on the front that parents scanned with your phone. The diaper sends data at risk of dehydration, urinary tract infections or kidney problems.

The baby is also measured sleep quality and sometimes moving in bed. When his parents sits still for more than 20 seconds are alerted to the phone. It may be an emergency situation. Or not. But the alert sounds in any case. For the technology market, first timers, paranoid and insecure parents are a real gold mine. In the mornings, while Sofia’s mother prepares breakfast, mobile alerts you: “In 45 minutes Sofia begin to wake”. You have to hurry.

In San Francisco recently, Sproutling devices were sold only with prior to his departure to sale orders. Sproutling is a baby monitor with heart shape which is registered as an anklet, measures temperature, heart rate, movements during sleep, temperature and light in the room. How could it be otherwise is synchronized to the phone, iOS or Android, and there sends all notifications.

The culture broth is ready. Parents who would not think twice before tying her baby to a device that spews all kinds of data that can be measured and compared on the Internet are people looking, like almost all the welfare of their children.

In general, rely on this technology have been used because usually they have been or wear a bracelet or some sort of device to track your vital si

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