Facebook plans to launch streaming services

After buying Intagram, WhatsApp and other groups, the social network giant, Facebook is developing a platform for streaming services. After Apple’s Music launch, its the time for Facebook to launch its online streaming services.

According to the resources, Facebook’s plan is actually more focused on Youtube, which concentrates billion views per day from online streaming services.Facebook already has a system of own videos, designed to allow users to post and share recordings the same way they already do with everything else. The difference here is that the content of the new service will be monetized and will have much of their repertoire produced by the music industry.

The commercial success of the video platform will be crucial in the music industry can trust your content to this endeavor Facebook. Facebook is already used as a way to find and search all kinds of things, such as businesses, addresses, everyday matters and etc. This is the same territory of the Google search engine. Video, associated with music, is a step natural to Facebook.

Facebook is creating a great player videos, keeping in mind that videos keeps people engaged in news feed and video ads help the company to generate revenue.

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