Facebook launches a standalone web version of Messenger

One of the giants in social media, Facebook continues to break up its functionality. After removing the IM of its main mobile application, which now appears as a dedicated program called Messenger, community site now just do the same with the web version, launching a platform accessible at this address .

Once connected to the service, the user will find all open conversations with their contacts. The web version of Messenger has the same functionality as the one on the social network (file sharing, smileys, discussions column). The overall layout and design are also quite similar, but nevertheless some small changes here and there.

According to resources, launching a standalone web version of Messenger should allow users not to be distracted by the rest of the social network (notifications, new news etc).
Behind all this, superficial explanation likely hides a strategy that aims to counter the emergence of competition by breaking a service into several highly specialized tools. In this way, these great platforms in their field as they develop a single aspect of the service.

This is why Facebook has launched or purchased several applications over the years, such as Slingshot, Instagram, Rooms, WhatsApp or Groups. The US company thus provides the means to bar the way to its future competitors, launching applications focusing on a specific activity, but taking advantage of its resources and reputation the most.

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