Apple patent says new iPhone may have two cameras

Apple, the giant technologist, continues to evolve in technology for mobile phones. It includes the new iPhones that can arise with a more innovative solution for photo feature, improving the quality of their product and leaving those passionate about photography even more excited.

A patent was registered by the company detailing the appeal of using two simultaneous cameras with a telephoto lens, thereby improving image capture. Using two cameras is not much novelty as the Huawei Honor 6 Plus and the HTC One M8 have this tool. However, the technology used by Apple uses different types of lenses to stay ahead in the market.

The resort will have a big camera Angular already used in current iPhones. The difference would be a device with additional camera and telephoto lens so that pictures have a greater viewing angle and a faster and more efficient focus adjustment, including a minimum space of up to 6mm made of plastic, glass and other transparent materials.

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