Google includes eight vulnerabilities in Chrome 21

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Google has its Chrome browser to version 21.0.1180.89 updated. The update that is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome Frame available, includes a total of eight vulnerabilities.The light emanating from three risk vulnerabilities, the company classifies as “high”. An attacker could also inject and execute malicious code within the Chrome sandbox.


The patch addresses including a buffer error that occurs when loading a URL. Another problem lies in the previous version in the processing of XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language). Also solved the Google SPDY protocol from a crash of the application.

The finders of vulnerabilities Google pays a reward totaling $ 3,500The user “miaubiz” that reported three of the eight vulnerabilities, receives only $ 2,000. The amount of the premium depends on the severity of the discovered vulnerabilities.

In addition, the new version eliminates some non-security bugs. Among them are several problems with Pepper flash and an error that leads to a website red and green color gradients are shown.In addition, users will now be able to freely access with Chrome on her microphone.

Users who have already installed Chrome receive the new release automatically via the integrated update function. Alternatively, the current edition of the Google Web site to download.

Almost exactly a month ago, Google had released the final of Chrome 21st The update stuffed a total of 15 vulnerabilities. Google also introduced the API “getUserMedia” one, with the user from the browser to access their webcam and microphone you can afford.

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