Another Samsung device that points to Windows Phone 8.1- Samsung SE TIVA

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The interest of the Korean company for the Microsoft platform has been pretty weak. The device is known as Huron, which will end christened Samsung ATIV SE .

Within the family TIVA have a Windows-related devices, and in this case with the mobile platform of the house. It will be the first phone from Samsung with Windows Phone 8.1 , expected that they will update with new manufacturers on the planet, and hardware less demanding conditions.

His appearance reminds us of many other Galaxy phones – something that does not displease us – adding navigation buttons Windows Phone (the new version are not necessary physical buttons, but Samsung will theirs). A sort of cross between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and TIVA S .

The expected specs are up to date on what has already been on the market Nokia – Lumia Icon – such as the leap to full HD resolution on a 5 inch screen . We also know that the camera will be 13 megapixels .

The remaining data should not be very different from the proposed high-end Nokia, so do not expect anything other than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 inside, with 2GB of RAM , and connectivity LTE.

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