Samsung could buy Android rather than Google, but refused

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The romance between Samsung and Android could be deeper if the South Koreans had agreed to buy the operating system, rather than Google did almost a decade ago.

Samsung had the golden opportunity, but missed , as has Andy Rubin, one of the founders of the Android team.

When Andy Rubin and his team approached Samsung offices in Seoul, 10 executives from the Asian company despised their presence and rejected the possibility of investing in the promising Android project .

“You and how many more are going to create this? There are six people. Are they on drugs? ‘Is what they told us, basically. was laughed at us as we were leaving the boardroom. And it happened just two weeks before Google bought us ‘, tells Rubin.

Now, keep in mind that, since Google took Android, development on this operating system by the Mountain View company has been more than considerable , and it is likely that, if Samsung has been made ​​of Android, this platform is as successful as it is now. Since we assume that Samsung would have used it as a unique system, as well as Apple does with iOS.

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