A unique Doodle for Google on its 17th Birthday

Today, Google is ubiquitous on the web and becomes the essential search engine. It is used several times a day and also offers Android, an operating system for most smartphones. In just 17 years, it is already the world’s No. 1 search engine. For the occasion, Google offers on its homepage a new doodle.

Google is the research of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both were the students of Stanford University. In 1996, they have in fact met to build a search engine that would allow the connection of all the existing web sites. Only two years later, and with the support of Andy Becholsheim Sun Microsystems and the founder of Yahoo, David Filo, the project has been implemented.

Google was born in September 1998. Since that day, the search engine has not stopped. At the end of the year 1998, it treats about 10,000 requests. In 1999,  this figure rises to 500,000 and after that Google has become the search engine that lists more websites and used by all.

The Doodle, is used at Google to remember or mark special events.


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