Samsung unveils Flexible Batteries

The South Korean giant, Samsung actually just introduced two batteries flexible and are named  Stripe and Band, and the prototypes has lots of potential. All batteries are similar and they are in the form of a relatively thick block. If everything goes well on a smartphone or even on a laptop, it is quite another for watches and bracelets for connected.

The first one, band is typically in a format designed for bracelets connected watches. It is an ultra-thin (0.3 mm), which can bend in an extreme way over 50,000 times, without any qualitative impact. It does not look like much but it is a real achievement. The batteries are very sensitive components and they usually incorporate corrosive and dangerous products. It is precisely for this reason that you should never disassemble or fun to break or open them.

The second one, Stripe is longer and mimics the flexibility of a strip of fabric. It is an accessory that opens the doors to necklaces, headbands or clothing connected. 

The uses for ultra thin and flexible battery are numerous and have been considered by many minds. These flexible batteries are only a first step towards the high-tech product possibility. Samsung has been quite reassuring and the company has indicated that these two new batteries could support 50,000 twists.

The prototype is ready but will take time to expect these flexible products in market.

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