What Is That? 5 Reasons To Get A Chemical Analysis Completed

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What Is That? 5 Reasons To Get A Chemical Analysis Completed

Every chemical company needs to stay on top of its various processes to ensure it is producing the highest quality chemicals on a routine basis. Just the slightest impurity can cause a slew of different legal issues as well as serious damage to the creditability of the entire company. To prevent any of the above from happening, often times companies hire a third party firm to come in and preform different types of testing and sampling to remove all doubt of contamination. A simple test known as Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry, or GC MS analysis, provides a set of details on the purity of what you’re producing and can give warning if anything has gone wrong. Still don’t think your company needs third party testing? Here are five reasons why your company should get a chemical analysis preformed on its products.

Save Money

If you are producing bulk quantities of chemical compounds, you rely heavily on your machinery and production line to make a precise product every time. Generally you expect that the finished product will be something that meets a quality check done by your inspectors; but unfortunately that may not be enough. Realize that if you spend just one day manufacturing products with impurities, a recall may have to be done on all of the items produced. This could cost your company millions of dollars just in lost revenue and overhead alone.

Pharmaceuticals Must Conform to FDA Guideline

Should your company be in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, you’re probably well aware of guidelines set down by the Food & Drug Administration. You’ve probably done extensive training for your staff on this subject, and meet with FDA inspectors on a regular basis to prove that your company is up to code. While doing that is great, all it would take would be one quick chemical contamination of your product for you to violate these guidelines and for you to be shut down. Being shut down by the FDA could have serious consequences that could result in loss of market share, fines, or permanent closure of the company.

Meet Shareholder Expectations

Preserving your competence and image in front of your shareholders is important for any business. For chemical manufacturers, shareholders want to know that you’re capable of producing your chemicals without regular mistakes. They pay a lot of attention to news surrounding a company who has a chemical contamination, and will jump ship for your competitors at any sign of serious trouble.

Explain Failures

Contamination accidents do occur from time to time, but it is expected that your managers will find out why exactly it occurred. Conducting a post hoc chemical analysis can help inform you of where the accident took place. This can help you not only rectify the problem but put in place future measures to insure a similar problem does not occur again.

Maintain Customer Faith

The more reliable your product is in the eyes of your customers, the more likely they’ll be willing to stay with you. This faith can be kept by reducing the number of contamination events the public hears about, and showing them you’re dedicated to taking quality control steps such as conducting a GC MS analysis.

Given all of these reasons, you should strongly consider implementing a chemical analysis as soon as possible. If you were skeptical of the need for this type of testing, we hope we clarified the importance of GC/MS testing. Find a well-known testing agency and protect the reputation of your company today.

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