Nexus 5 vs its predecessors

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 What are the changes in Nexus 5  while faces its predecessors, namely all the Nexus launched by Google since 2010.

Comparing  tests are performed in the L G Nexus 5, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Nexus S, and the HTC Nexus One .  It should be remembered that Google collaborates with other manufacturers and does not manufacture the phone itself. So far the Nexus collaboration has been with LG, Samsung and HTC.

The first thing we evaluate is the time it takes for the phone to turn on and load the operating system Android . Caba noted that the expectation is that the Nexus One is slower than the Nexus 5, this due to its technical characteristics.

The new Nexus 5 is equipped with a quad-core processor running at 2.26 GHz One the other hand only has a single-core processor and runs a 1 GHz RAM also improves the Nexus 5, you get 2 GB RAM while the first and the Samsung Nexus S had a RAM of 512 MB.

The first to load the operating system are 5 and Nexus Nexus 4, is logical, as they are equipped with better processors. The reaction of 4 is less than one second apart.

A few seconds later the third reaction is the third model of Nexus, Samsung Galaxy. I follow a little later the Samsung Nexus S. About 15 seconds later than the Nexus 5 is that the HTC Nexus One operating system loads.

The next thing I try is to open the same application on all models. In this case the game ‘Temple Run 2 “, because it forces to go into overdrive processor and RAM.

The details of the game improve as the resolution increases. He spends a 800×480 screen the first two models to 1920×1080 Nexus 5. The game is loaded and is available to play four seconds rather than 4. Al One takes 20 seconds to perform this task.

The test is to load a web page in the browser. The challenge is to make a page rich media content. Newer devices are those that carry the whole website full of forms very fast. The time difference between them was very short.

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