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Have you seen those montages on Instagram that collect several pictures at once ? Would you like to do all kinds of compositions with images not strive too ? So far the mounts were a matter of skill, patience and Photoshop . But the applications have come to solve this issue so comfortable .Especially the application PhotoShake! that, in addition to creating collages is designed to share the result in major social networks , to avoid having to use more than one application.

PhotoShake! is a comprehensive editing tool reduced to a minimum. And, in three simple steps we will have achieved professional results: choose photos, waving and share . All this through an application with a careful visual -how could it be otherwise in a tool of photography – and the sea with a simple operation. In this way, we can be the ones who alardeemos photos via social networking charismaticInstragram , or simply to share several points of view a time Facebook or Twitter .


As we say, it is really easy to use . PhotoShake! have two versions , one free and one paid . On the first floor are three types of mounts different just start the application: Single photo (a photo), Multi photo (collage) and Wide photo (elongated composition). However, although they may seem few, within each find different options to create unique compositions . The first only serves to edit an image , the second allows us to choose different pictures to form a complex composition , and the latter is designed to group multiple images in parallel , as if they were leaflets, brochures, etc. .

So, you just have to choose what we want to do. Once we have agreed we need to select the photos and can take snapshots at the same time or choose images already stored in the gallery . It is useful to choose the option Image Picker , giving us the opportunity to make multiple images, and do one by one. When we have the choice and we just have to shake the terminal . This will form a different composition to each wiggle randomly device and may do to find the desired one.


Anyway, if we want to make it even more personal , we always have the option Edit , where you can choose the composition, different Instagram-style filters , moving images and select different types of frames and colors .. . It also has the ability to add comic snacks and stickers as hats, signs, etc.. After that, one can only share the end result with Share . Here is a screen with various options: Facebook ,Twitter , Tumblr , Picasa , Blogger and Flickr . But we can also save the composition if we publish it, set it as wallpaper or export if we share it on Instagram, WhatsApp or store it in Dropbox , for example.

In short, a very simple and very useful option to surprise with compositions of all kinds, and can create a collage of several photos of the same party, and share in any of the current social networks . But the best part is that PhotoShake! can be downloaded completely free for both terminals Android

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