Mozilla releases Firefox OS Simulator 3.0

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The development team has released Mozilla Firefox 3.0 OS Simulator , which enables developers to create and test applications for Firefox OS without having a physical terminal. Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 is available as a Firefox browser extension with a download size of 49.3 MB (installed size between 50 and 70 MB).




The new release adds tool simulating physical elements of the phone as the rotation of the terminal, and physical location. We can switch between vertical and horizontal position of the virtual device and a fictitious position, which currently only allows you to enter latitude and longitude coordinates pure.

Other developments highlight of Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 are the ability to send a physical phone that we are developing the application by connecting USB , with “Push to Device”. It also includes updated versions of the rendering engine and user interface libraries Gaia , (the new interface of Firefox OS), and shortcuts to reinstall or restart applications. The size of the simulator is now smaller, so that both download as application startup is faster.

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