Whatsapp messaging goes Web

The famous application goes a step further by announcing the launch of a web version via Google Chrome yet. To work, it must first go to the page web.whatsapp.com and photographed with a smartphone QR code. Such as identifying the application works with the user’s phone number, rather than a login and a password is a good way to unlock the Web version of WhatsApp. To operate the platform, however, requires updating mobile with its latest version.

WhatsApp Web is indeed a link with the mobile version since this is the phone number of the latter is used as an identifier. This scan also allows repatriate contacts, profile and previous discussions. When a new message notifications appear on the computer screen.

For cons, the smartphone application will be active when using the web version. A default rather annoying. Recall that despite the hundreds of millions of users, the business model of WhatsApp still raises questions and the publisher has also refused on the occasion of the publication of these figures to communicate on other aspects.

However, it is necessary that the active application is permanently in parallel on the mobile for the duration of the assignment on the computer. On the web page, the user accesses his profile and found all the discussions and contacts. This web version of Whatsapp works with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. However the iOS application does not allow to connect to the platform.

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