What is the actual meaning of “i” in Apple devices?

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Surely we wondered, what actually means, the “i” that Apple includes in a huge percentage of their products -iPad, iPod, iPhone. In fact, this striking letter is not only present in their mobile devices, but can also be found in computers manufactured Cupertino. The company’s bitten apple, as with everything, does not use the letter “just because”, but has a very specific and special meaning.

If we ask someone in your environment, you surely will be able to give an answer concerning the “i” that accompanies the name of most of the devices-smartphones, tablets, MP4 players … – Apple. Moreover, surely we on occasion ever thought what will be the meaning of this happy letter. Intelligent?? This is one of the words most often been associated with the “i” that begins with the iPhone, iPod or iPad. However, it is not “smart” meaning, but refers to an anecdote, or rather even before-thought concepts like this feature as “smart”, “smartphone”

When we refer to the history of Apple, the name of Steve Jobs comes out. This is the name of the founder of Apple, a person with an unusual character at the same time striking, along with a “vision” of a business and marketing skills outstanding. But is not that what we want to know, already commissioned many documentaries and biographies clarify correctly, but the origin of the “i” in the name of Apple devices.

If something has differentiated Apple from other companies and manufacturers “homologous” is that its essence has always been based – always – to “think different”. And, for the Cupertino, and especially for Jobs, also the name of a product is crucial.

A few weeks ago the Mac met 30 years since its introduction. Both its presentation as the product itself in itself, marked one of the historical moments of Apple. Why not, this presentation was conducted with Steve Jobs. This product formalized the concept of “personal computer” in a more sober way that products released so far, for the first time integrating some simple office software that led to the evolution that we use today.

Without entering too review the successes and failures later Apple itself would be important to note that after a “great victory” as was the Mac, also reached certain products “disaster” that would break with the image of a brand with such a computer as a background. Yet again, Apple returned to “break the mold” featuring a new computer that would show what really was able to offer the Cupertino company.

After all these very striking features already offered by the Mac, and after its most successful product launched under the name “Mac”, what could come after? This explains the “i” that begin with the names of almost all Apple products:

“The Mac is really powerful with which we can do a lot of things. But above all, it is a Mac that will put us to surf the Internet in just 10 minutes, even if we have never used a computer before trying this.”                                                                                              

Precisely word “i” comes from the InternetThe iMac was the first computer and the product of the Cupertino company to include this letter at the beginning of his name, and as can be perfectly extracted from the quote above, Apple served to define a product that was just as revolutionary your Mac the original , but this time also allowed us to begin to browse the Internet with only 10 minutes of “homework”.

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