Twitter introduces a new feature – summary of what you missed

Many customers have many contacts on social networks. When they return to their account, they want quickly view posts during their absence. One way to miss nothing of their social life. Facebook provides an overview of missed messages during the absence by relevance.

In October, Twitter began testing a similar feature. Now Twitter began rolling out a long-awaited feature. “While you were away” (While you were away), it summarizes the activity of your timeline from your last visit. Not accessible to all, many Twitter users can already enjoy and this feature should soon be widespread and available to all. According to Twitter , “whenever you open the Twitter app, you’ll see something great “.

The tool works similarly to the Facebook news feed, which ranks the articles by importance, not in chronological order. Facebook had also drawn the ire of some users who wanted to have control over the display of messages in their Newsfeed .”In many situations the best tweets come from people you know or you have heard of, but sometimes you can miss tweets you’d like to see.” However, this new function is not to the taste of all. All users do not like to see the unknown tweets. Twitter is the algorithm which considers the relevance of the messages, and they are not always deemed interesting. Not to mention that the user can not change the results. Having a chronological overview of missed tweets during his absence is simpler and preferred by some customers.

he web version of the social network should be equipped in the coming weeks. This change could be a way for Twitter to bring new users.

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