Skype is working on machine translation

Microsoft computer group at US started working on a new test program to add to his internet video messaging Skype simultaneous machine translation. The program, Microsoft had announced in late May, “start with only two languages – Spanish and English,” said Gurdeep Pall, vice president of Microsoft in charge of Skype, the official blog of video messaging.

“Skype Translator will open up endless possibilities to people around the world to connect, communicate and collaborate. People will no longer handicapped by geography and language,” he argues. A demonstration was made ​​with a conversation between two classes of children speaking Spanish and English in Mexico in the United States. “Skype Translator removed the language barrier,” said Gurdeep Pall. The quality of the program is expected to improve gradually as more and more people use it, he said.

Microsoft had presented its automatic translation system late May at an industry conference in California, making at the time a demonstration with English and German. He promised at the time to begin to integrate a test version of Skype by the end of this year.

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