Optimus Pro G reaches record to sell half a million units

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Less than two months were enough for the South Korean firm LG reached a new record sales in South Korea.100,000 devices were sold in just the first day of release.

Optimus Pro G

Optimus Pro G

The model G Optimus Pro LG has caused a sensation in South Korea. Thanks to your sales techniques, the company managed to sell half a million units in just 40 days, ie from its latest flagship hit the market.

The device operating system Android Jelly Bean (4.1) has a Full HD screen of 5.5 inches and has a remarkable resolution of 2 million pixels, surpassing most HD screen mobile phones.

Given that this model has dual recording, the user can use the front camera (2.4 megapixel) and rear (13 megapixels) simultaneously. The photos and videos can be captured in ultra high definition.

Meanwhile, the “Virtual Reality Panorama” lets you take panoramic images of 360 degrees either horizontally or vertically.

These features make the Optimus G be a high-end terminal with a price to match your specifications. Only during the first day it went on sale, it sold 100,000 units.

One of the selling techniques conducted by the South Korean seems to have worked. These are 30 day trial offered to customers in order to adapt to the dimensions of the terminal.

As reported by ABC .’s, LG’s strategy is to increase these communication activities both inside and outside its borders in order to achieve high levels of sales. However, it is still unknown the exact date that the new Optimus Pro G be marketed outside South Korea.

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