Apple iphone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Edge S6

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iphone 6: Smooth evolution compared to 5 S, with a larger screen, a more swift A8 processor which serves remarkably new iOS platform 8, a photo sensor 8 MP precise – especially in difficult lighting conditions – with autofocus bright, either photo or video mode (Full HD). The Touch ID function provides a convenient and effective biometric security, in particular to approve purchases.

Galaxy Edge S6: One of the features of the Edge version is the ability to read the customizable notifications on the sides of the curved screen. For the rest, it is the high end of the line, with a 16 MP image sensor (5 MP front), an ultra-fast eight-core processor, a fingerprint sensor and integrated payment system (like Apple, precisely).

The grip

iphone 6: Lots of class to this terminal extremely fine (6.9 mm) and very pleasant for calls with rounded edges. Navigation on the Retina 4.7-inch HD screen is responsive, intuitive and easy to access, even with one hand. He tamed in minutes.

Galaxy Edge S6: Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful smartphone market, mix of glass and aluminum in addition to a sleek design with innovative curves on AMOLED Ultra High Definition screen. The overcoat house offers fewer applications than its predecessors in duplicate and sits brilliantly on the latest version of Android (Lollipop).


iphone 6: Where shines Samsung, Apple still has some work: at full speed and with the factory settings, the battery of the iPhone 6 barely finish the day. If this is improving thanks to tricks (reducing screen brightness or systematic closure of unused applications), autonomy is still below expectations.

No surprises and changes smoothly to a high-class smartphone that should logically continue cartoning this year. He deserves it and the fans of the Apple universe find it with pleasure in sidereal gray versions, silver or gold beautiful. His version XL (iPhone 6 Plus) 5.5 inch is just as successful.

As often is the ergonomics of the iPhone that makes the difference. Ultra-easy to use for young and the elderly, efficient and offering ever more numerous and relevant applications – particularly in the field of well-being (health app includes all the medical data).

Galaxy Edge S6: No SD slot for additional memory or location to another SIM card that probably would have made the perfect smartphone, especially to combine private and professional use or to travel and enjoy cheap local networks.

Both Galaxy S6 (in their native Edge and versions) could allow Samsung to Apple to take the leadership in the market. Almost no fault, exceptional finish for innovative design and good ideas competitor times on this very attractive but expensive version.

The sinews of war is often the autonomy to these increasingly powerful products with many features. Samsung signs here a double feat: a very correct autonomy that exceeds the current day use, but also a time to express charging: 15 minutes, you come to recharge half the battery! The induction charging – new for Samsung – is a little more significant.

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