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Magento platform is known for its high-quality service, great variety of options, security and stability. Millions of people all over the world use it for their business purposes and many more millions browse every day through Magento stores pages looking for some goods to buy.

‘To buy or to abandon?’ that is a question any online shopper faces up with. The items are already chosen, but still there is no certainty that the process of buying will be completed. To ensure the customers of your Magento store not to give up goods at this stage make an ideal shopping cart that will lead directly to you Magento payment page.

Elements to take notice of

To make your purchase page look attractive and different from others and to be sure it contains all the necessary options and items take into account tips on the following sections:

  • Representation of articles. Every item placed in a Magento cart should have its full description with a picture which would remind what a customer has ordered. It is important to give a visitor an opportunity to change the number of items so that he could buy more.
  • Pricing. Prices always cause doubts when organizing the shopping cart page as it is not clear what fees should be displayed at this stage. It is necessary that here a client could see the total of his purchase as well as the price of every item. Shipping fees, if any, should be added at once unless they are not obligatory. Don’t forget to point out that a delivery is free, if it is the case.
  • Advertising. Recommended products and trust banners are also to be present at this page as they can encourage a purchase of more devices or at least attract attention of visitors.
  • Buy button’. The most important element of the page is a ‘Buy’ button which can be displayed at any place but obviously should be the biggest and the brightest button of all.
  • Representation of your shopping cart. Today it is not necessary to create a page by yourself – there is great variety of Magento extensions that will help you to tackle the problem. One that will probably best respond to your needs is AJAX Shopping Cart. It is highly reliable and has all you need to create a perfect Magento shopping cart for your store. AJAX Shopping Cart takes in consideration all the latest usability tendencies and lets you take all the advantages of your Magento shopping cart. Just try it out and see it yourself.


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