I’m not famous but … can hack my computer?


Notes unless you want a “cracker” from entering your system for profit or internationalism



You’re not Jennifer Lawrence , Kate Upton and McKayla Maroney .Neither a great actor of film , singer or popular character victim “celebgate ‘. But if not become part of the usual red carpet, you should not trust you. Your computer can also be violated .

The network users should be able to distinguish very well what a hackeris and what a “cracker”. “The first is the ‘good’, ie, a security expert who helps improve system security , “he told ABC Carlos Diaz , an expert in computer security . “And so that everyone understands -continued- a” cracker “is” bad “, ie, which penetrates a system or mailintencionados profit . “

After this necessary clarification, Diaz explains that a “cracker” can get into your computer for various reasons. One is through atargeted attack to get something specific. For example, a former partner wants revenge on the other person and get into your computer to steal intimate picture of both. This process takes time, as the “cracker” has to analyze and know well all the movements of his victim : who is who frequents pages that consume services, which browsers used, type of device used, etc.

Secondly, there are the attacks made ​​on economic grounds .”They make up the majority of the cases involve actions that users make use of to make money . These are mere intermediaries as part of an action aimed to profit but they obviously do not know, “explains the expert. In this case, we speak for example of advertising through’stickers’ appearing in a web – and not by pure chance-why surf and where the user clicks. Or the actions performed by the ” botnet “, a network of computers zoombi responsible for spreading viruses, generate spam, and commit other kinds of crime and fraud, as well explains the Internet User Security Office (ISO).

The OSI, in fact, explains: “Lately you’ve noticed that your computer is running slower than normal, the fan is noisy even when you’re not using and some applications have stopped working properly? These symptoms may be caused by your computer has become a ‘zombie’ PC.What does that mean? That someone other than yourself, you are controlling your computer without you to be aware of it . ” So, the cyber criminal can be done with your passwords forFacebook , the bank or your Gmail , spread viruses ; to sendspam ; manipulate surveys; abusing payment services advertising … And all through your computer. In severe cases, there are cases of pedophilia, prostitution … “And of extortion “, says Diaz. “Are all the rage lately ‘ express kidnappings ‘. This is a technique that ‘cracker’ encrypts the user’s hard drive, ie have all your information at your fingertips, and asks for money in exchange give it back. ” Although we did not create, an express kidnapping can start via a url where you click innocently without knowing what’s behind it.

The reality, like it or not, is that no one is exempt on the internet .But technology is needed, is a breakthrough for society and we have to learn to handle it, like everything else in life. ” It is necessary to inform people and prevent ‘says Carlos Diaz.

The security is based on layers

The expert advised, first, that all users of the network must be informed . “In this regard, it is important that we follow the campañas awareness and information that make National Police, Civil Guard, OSI and the National Institute of Communication Technologies ( INTECO ). “

Second, to prevent a “cracker” to enter into our computer, it is essentialto have the updated OS . “It’s the basics. So make it easy to avoid the bad guys and the further advantage of the vulnerabilities that have already been discovered, exploited and reported “he says.

The virus is also instrumental. ” No antivirus can guarantee 100% user a “malware” can enter your computer. What is at issue is to put up barriers that complicate the tasks to “cracker” in the objective , “he says. “The network security is based on layers so the more say, better “she says.

Another aspect is the training . “As we learn to drive and we know that seatbelts must be, we must learn to surf the web and the dangers that we can find . ” Therefore, avoid running unknown files , accept invitations from supposed friends on social networks , do not click on banners that we claim to be the winner of a hearty cash prize , etc.

One of the main problems that Spain is the illegal use of software piracy . “The largest number of infections in our country is to try to download and use paid content for free (software, games, movies , e-books ….) “says Carlos Diaz. The free software is, in this case, a great ally and free operating systems like Linux .

Prevention Tips

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