False message that says WhatsApp charged

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During this week several users of the application WhatsApp began receiving a notification that says the app will be free if not used frequently. Note, even though false, has generated doubts and still shared by many users.

The message uses the basic formula of “chain mail” and asks users to pass on the information for a specific number of contacts. “Between Friday and next Saturday the Whasapp begins to be charged unless you use often. If you have at least 10 contacts forward this message and logo will turn red, indicating frequent use,” says the fake viral.

Such messages are easy to identify as lies, because generally contain errors of grammar and prompt the user to send to other contacts in your list. In the case of this notification, it exists since the beginning of the year, in English, and was recently translated into other languages in order to make new victims.

Not the first time that WhatsApp is a victim of malicious actions. A few weeks ago circulated false applications with the same service name that induced Facebook users to click on ads to an external site.

Thesources warns that it is not possible for an application to charge the smartphone pass something without the proper user confirmation. If you receive a strange message from a stranger, do not respond and lock it in WhatsApp. If you receive this message from a friend, tell him that it is false and not to be shared.

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