Five Great Android Anti-Virus Apps

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If you think that just because it’s a mobile phone and not a computer that your android smartphone is safe from virus attacks you might be surprised. Android devices are increasingly under attack from a range of hackers and virus programmers aiming to shut down the devices or to steal personal data from individuals. This is a recent trend of course, but it shows no sign of being a fad or slowing down any time soon. You can expect the number of attacks on such devices to continue to increase. So how can you protect your device and yourself from being the victim of such an attack? Well here are five anti-virus apps you can install on any Android device you own that I often recommend to Android fans.

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus

This app is a combination tracking, security, and antivirus app that can snap a picture of individuals who steal your phone and email it to you and also track your phone from the NQ website. It will scan your phone for viruses, trojans, and other malware and eliminate them as well. This is a great app for all things security related although its virus database is not quite as extensive as a more “virus/malware dedicated” app might be.

Avast! Mobile Security

I really like this one for being a bit more dedicated to virus and malware protection and removal. It locates and blasts viruses effectively and will scan memory cards in your phone before you use them. Also, you can schedule daily scans for when the phone is not in use. But the most nifty feature? If you think your phone has been compromised and your data might be vulnerable, you can erase all of your data completely from a remote location to ensure that hackers can’t access it.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This app is a lot like NQ listed above in that it can locate your phone if it is lost or stolen from their website. You can have your device make a loud noise to help locate it or scare off potential thieves, it will snap and email you pictures of whoever has your phone if requested, and it will scan, locate, and blast viruses and other types of malware that can affect your device.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

This app is neat because you get the ability to see all permissions each of your apps are currently using. This can help you locate an app that may be infected in an annual manner if an automatic scan reveals nothing. It can also help if you suspect someone may be remotely accessing your device. You can also schedule scans of your device for malware and delete what the scan finds.

Antivirus Security by AVG

This app can hog your phone’s resources a bit because of its real-time shield but the ability to catch threats before they can harm you is pretty darn cool. Also, AVG has one of the best malware scanners in the Android security market currently. Locate your device remotely via their website, and it will also let you know if a website you want to visit is a potential security threat.

There is a growing threat of viruses and other malware infecting your phone. Although currently, the threat is not too large, the amount of attacks is on the rise almost daily. I always recommend Android users play it safe by investing in a good security app for their smartphone or tablet device. Still, sometimes even these nifty apps can’t save you. When this happens, having coverage such as that offered by Protect Your Bubble gadget insurance can be a huge relief!

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