Review of iTunes 11 – It is much easier and bit faster

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Apple last night released a new – 11th – the version for media administration and playing music and video iTunes. The application interface is radically changed, it became easier and easier, but the speed of the Windows-version.

Recall, iTunes 11 was announced in September, along with the iPhone 5. The company promised to release a new product in October, but had to wait a month longer . Apparently, a second scandal similar happened to the undeveloped “map” in iOS 6 in Cupertino did not want, so users had to wait another month.

In Apple never enjoyed making software for Windows, but the release of the first version of iTunes shortly after the iPod to market in the early 2000s was inevitable – to limit the market for mp3-player only owners of “Poppies” would be to put an end to its future. For over ten years the program has grown, developed, acquired new capabilities. As a result of recent versions look more like a system for database management, than a music player.

In iTunes 11 company decided to focus on the main features of the program – playing music, and that, judging by the result, was a correct decision. After starting the first thing a user sees after the traditional infinite license agreement – the screen with cover art.

When you click on the cover reveals region (similarly open a folder on the main screen of the iPhone or iPad) with a list of songs and playback options. In this case, the background color and font in this area are taken from the album cover, which is why there is a feeling that opened the CD case and view the insert.

Still wanted to upload a cover its entire collection. But, given that the process has to perform manually, and music I have more than 50 GB, it will happen closer to retirement. In iTunes, of course there is the function “Get Album Artwork” but it works, apparently, only with music, resulting from the shop Apple. At least, none of the albums in my collection, it did not work.

Similarly, the list of albums and collections look the other media types, switch between music, movies, books, applications, etc.Now you can use the drop-down menu. If desired, the settings you can turn on and old-side panel in the latest versions of iTunes. But everything is done so that it is not required, even for downloading music to your player or i-device or transferring the album to the playlist. This panel with all available devices and playlists will automatically appear on the left side of the window when you pick up a cover of the album, a song or a few songs with the mouse. To view the contents and settings of connected devices, as well as the entrance to the iTunes store are separate buttons at the top left of the window.

Perhaps the most innovative thing in iTunes is completely redesigned mini-player. Of it is now much easier to fully control your music, searching and displaying artists and albums, and songs. The “Next” (in the English version – UpNext) allows you to view the current playlist, including the auto-generated, and edit it. Each song has a button context menu that allows you to perform the most common actions. Will be more clear when you look at the screenshot with various mini-player in the gallery. Stayed and, well, nanopleer – tiny element to control playback, embedded in the taskbar Windows . He became even less.

ITunes 11 interface translation into Russian language still needs polishing. For example, the word Single selection menu Networking AirPlay playback translated as “single”, but refers to the play on the same device as an alternative to multicast. In the main menu, which appears by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the window, showing the full option of the menu bar named as expected – “Show menu bar”, but disabling it for some reason named as the “Hide Status menu.” The “Stop” in the playback menu is displayed as “Osttanovit.” Apparently, even to release the program to the end of November, Apple had to be very quick.

ITunes interface in general is simpler, clearer and more effective. Now, the program reminds the application “Music” on the iPad, focusing primarily on the album – after all, most of all, we listen to music exactly albums. In the near future this may change, werecently wrote about the first harbingers of the impending death of the traditional music format . But while the future is not come, the owners of i-devices and Apple players lacking in our high-grade “cloud” music services the country will use iTunes, and with the 11th version of this will be more convenient.

But, alas, not much faster. iTunes for Windows in recent years has become increasingly unwieldy, especially when working with collections, which are not a couple dozen albums, and, for example, 500. In the 11-second versions, the feeling, everything was a little better, at least the computer does not respond to external stimuli, as has happened during the launch of the mighty  previous version. But the program will still run for a long time, especially compared to the “Music” on the iPad.Search and display screen, however, have become faster, which is good.

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