The demand exceeds expectations BlackBerry Passport

The head of the Canadian company, John Chen, ensures that requests to purchase the new phone, square aesthetics and maintaining the physical keyboard, is higher than expected

blackberry passport

After many months of being criticized and immersed in an important process of adjustment, BlackBerry wants to return to power to the consumer market with its new mobile phone, BlackBerry Passport , a terminal square aesthetic that keeps the physical keyboard, and whose demand “exceeds expectations. “

The maximum resposnsable Company, John Chen , said that there is “scarcity” of this terminal in stores, explaining “strong demand” for the device. The executive has expliado the company has focused on 30% of the smartphone market, where the owner sees your device as a business tool “rather than a place of entertainment” includes “Phone Arena» .

The Canadian company went on to sell about 52.3 million phones in 2010 , but its market momentum was diluted to not succeed in the advent of smart phones. Just last year, sales fell 13.7 million phones. The doubts about the continuation of BlackBerry began, although Chen is confident that the company “is on the right track.”

BlackBerry Passport known for its square design, with large touch screen with a ‘one touch’ keyboard. The square screen is 4.5 inches Full HD resolution with only 1,400 x 1,400 pixels, which gives it a density of 452.55 ppi. The keyboard is not the software but it is physical, but note that is very sensitive to finger pressure.

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