LG is working on a Nexus 5, but do not rule

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Google still does not announce the Nexus 5 . After the information gap during the developer conference Google I / O, held a few weeks ago, we orphans of information about who will be the new smartphone from the company’s Mountain View, regardless of the versions’ Google Edition‘presented recently the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One . Yet we know something new: LG , the manufacturer of the current phone company’s Internet search leader, the Nexus 4, not working on it .



Won Kim , vice president of LG Mobile for Europe, has confirmed in an interview with All About Phone that moment the South Korean company will not be responsible for the production of next smartphone from Google. Kim has said that at this time LG “does not need another marketing success . “

However, another company executive wanted to clarify the statements, and has come out assuringto The Verge  that Kim has been misunderstood and that if she was interested Google, LG would not rule it .

LG and Google came together for the first time last year to make the next smartphone to the U.S. after the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Both companies they released the Nexus 4 if not be surrounded by controversy. And that this, despite presenting the best quality ratio / price of the whole market, after going on sale for the first time, in November 2012 via Google Play, the smartphone was sold out in just a few minutes and did not have stock available until months later when they returned to produce the same situation, something that bothered many users.

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