Blink, the new rendering engine Google for Chrome and Opera

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Google has announced that it renounces its WebKit rendering engine , that is, what is behind the display of web pages in Chrome and incorporate Blink , own engine and new thought accelerate the development of Chrome .

In an official statement , Google says that WebKit was created in 2001 emerged from another engine, KHTML. “The flexibility, performance and intelligent design made ​​it the obvious choice for Chrome rendering engine when we started , “said the statement.

They note that WebKit has thrived over the years and has adapted to the demands of different platforms. If, however, say that at this time it is no longer useful to Chrome because this browser is based on a “multi-process architecture” that unlike other browsers.

“Support for multiple architectures over the years has resulted in increased complexity for both the WebKit and projects to Chrome. This has slowed the pace of collective innovation “stand. This is the reason we have developed Blink, rendering engine , “open source WebKit.”

“This was not an easy decision. We know that the introduction of a new rendering engine can have significant implications for the web.However, we believe that having multiple rendering engines will stimulate innovation and eventually improve the open web ecosystem health. “

They note that Blink will not bring complications for web developers.

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