Microsoft Windows 10 can offer valued Subscription as Office 365

In new ways to sell their software, Microsoft could offer Windows 10 on subscription similar to the strategy employed in the office suite Office 365 cloud manner.

The idea is not new and the rumor takes a few months on the Internet as Microsoft continues to drive like no edition version of cloud productivity suite Office 365. In a further step in this strategy, Microsoft has launched a promotion Cross called “Work & Play” which includes an annual subscription package price of $ 149, 365 Home Office, OneDrive, Skype Unlimited World + Wi-Fi, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Music Pass.

It is one of the ideas outlined at a recent conference by Microsoft COO Kevin Turner. Although everything is open and no decision made, this Windows 10 under subscription would be the most radical change in the marketing of Windows operating systems .

If Microsoft finally decides to distribute Windows 10 under subscription, the company would offer it as a digital download and direct monthly or yearly payment for use of an operating system that would be constantly updated. Another formula could be a larger package contents with a Windows 10 ‘Free’ in exchange for paying a subscription from the Office suite that would include cloud storage service OneDrive and perhaps other components related to the Xbox platform.

A cloud operating system that would work in off-line mode for basic applications offering similar to that seen in Windows Starter functions, but would need a paid subscription and connection Internet access to all system functions.

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