Virgin Media Provides O2 to the London Underground

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When an individual is comparing different deals on broadband, it is essential to gauge the effectiveness of modern WiFi technology. As countless millions begin their commute each day utilising mass transit services, the ability to maintain a reliable wireless connection has become extremely important. This has recently been recognised by Virgin Media and many commuters will now be able to enjoy O2 WiFi while journeying to their homes or office on the London Underground.


It was announced that as of the beginning of April, Virgin has chosen O2 as a wholesale partner for the distribution of wireless service to the vast majority of London Underground stations. In essence, this signifies that current O2 customers can stay connected at no additional cost. In fact, Virgin has announced that an additional 12 underground stations will offer access by the end of the month, thus bringing the total number of wireless hotspots to 120. This is in directly relation to Virgin’s goal to have 120 stations fully online.

This indeed may also be seen as a testament to the robust infrastructure that the Underground has offered its travellers, as it will mark the 150th anniversary of the London metro service this year. Virgin Media was chosen to help host this wireless platform due to the large amount of fibre optic cables currently installed. Therefore, implementing this wireless service was less costly than if an outside provider had been chosen.

Another benefit that this service will offer is the ability to keep commuters up-to-date with traffic and travel conditions while on-the-go. While this is simply an ancillary advantage, passengers will also be able to send and receive email, check social network statuses, monitor weather conditions, listen to music or watch videos to pass the time during their commute.

Existing O2 customers will be automatically registered for this service. This will help streamline the addition of Underground WiFi, as there will be no need to independently sign up elsewhere. Nonetheless, those who do not currently subscribe to O2 will have the option of purchasing a Virgin WiFi pass. Passengers will be offered the choice of daily, weekly or bi-monthly rates.

The integration of modern WiFi technology on the London Underground now offers even more ways than before for passengers to stay up-to-date and plan their routines while travelling. Many industry leaders see this as a great leap forward in wireless technology into the 21st century. To find out more click here.

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