Users report new bugs in iPhone 6 Plus

Apps that crash and automatic restart of the phone without explanation are some of the new problems that customers have observed

iphone bug

Some users of the iPhone 6 Plus have flocked to Appleā€™s support forumsto report bugs in their phones . The most worries people is theautomatic restart and the collapse of applications without application.

Apple Insider has been one of the first is the string to find reports on the Apple forum , which already has 10,000 views and about 67 responses.

The bug seems to affect more generally the model of 128GB iPhone 6 Plus . Applications collapse when it comes to moving from one activity to another or when the user clicks on notice. Others point out thattheir devices a few times a day are restarted without explanation, while Smaller numbers of terminals showing blue screens or color-coded.

Some affected include the failure is not due to software updates but I have had since I bought the device in September. This Friday October 24th another user joined in reports with a photograph of the fault reset . This person stated that he had gone to an Apple Store to change its iPhone 6 Plus flawed and so far has not experienced problems with your new phone.

Among those affected are people who say that the fault is hardware because they have tried every iOS update 8 and the problem has persisted. Others consider it a software problem that has not been verified.

The ruling what people experience with over 700 applications installed, he says Apple Insider.

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