Telegram arrives and is much safer than Whatsapp

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A new instant messaging service comes to compete with the popular Whatsapp . It’s Telegram , who is coming to other countries after being one of the most popular apps of Russia.

Telegram was developed by the creators of VK , and is the largest social network in Russia , ranking first in downloads for the iPhone in the AppStore.

The merit of this network is that it provides strong encryption of your conversations and messages self-destruct after being sent, feature the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov emphasized.

Additionally, Telegram stored and shared with contacts that have saved files, photos, videos or music with total capacity of up to 1GB.

Telegram is cross-platform and as such, allows access from any device.

This new social network will be accessible from mobile and PC , unlike WhatsApp which is used only for mobile and also charges.

Telegram allows groups of up to 200 people and has temporary chats and secrets, and WhatsApp groups are 50 users and there is no maximum time chats.

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