Nokia launches a photo application for the attention of Instagram

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 Nokia has created the application # 2 Insta With Love, similar to Instagram , to request that the application / social network Instagram finally comes to Windows Phone.This is how the Finnish company to allow users to make themselves heard and show ” to show how passionate Instagram community is Windows Phone “.

Nokia Photo app

Nokia Photo app

   Instagram has become one of the most popular applications.This application / social network reached last January’s 90 million active users a month , a figure that marked the growing application of social evolution since its launch in 2010, despite his break with Twitter and its problems with the new policy Privacy.

Instagram started as a unique application for iOS until it got a hole in Google Play for Android. Such was the demand for this application by users of Google’s mobile OS that managed to reach one million downloads in record time .

   However, users of other mobile platforms such as Windows Phone also want to be elected to enjoy Instagram application on their devices. For now, Instagram has not confirmed anything about it but given the popularity of the application not only users are eager arrival, Nokia itself also.

   Such is the anxiety of the company Nokia has created the application # 2InstaWithLove to draw attention to Instagram.According to the description of the app in the app store for Windows Phone, 2InstaWithLove answers the need for users to Instagram decides to land on Windows Phone .

   “Many of you have asked when Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, so # 2InstaWithLove application has been created as a way to make your voice heard,” says the company. What Nokia is looking for the maximum number of users download this app for Instagram team realize the interest of users by Instagram and decide to release a version for Windows Phone.

   Thus, Nokia considers the number of users increase with Windows Phone Instagram arrival because it is one of the most popular apps.

   # 2InstaWithLove to take a photo with the classic Polaroid filter and automatically add the ‘hashtag’ # 2InstaWithLove, says Nokia. “This is Instagram show how passionate, creative and fun that is the community of Windows Phone and make sure to share your favorite photos with us through a social network of their choice , “concludes Nokia.

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