U.S. mathematician discovered the largest prime number

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American mathematician discovered to date is the largest prime number – the so-called 48th Mersenne prime. 

Opening committed scientist from the University of Central Missouri in the U.S. Dr. Curtis Cooper. They found the number in decimal is 17425170.Previous – for comparison – can be recorded using the 12,978,189 characters.

Recall that a prime number in mathematics is called the number that is divisible only by one and itself. These numbers are extremely rare – the modern science known as 48. Of which the last 14 have been discovered in the GIMPS.

Dr. Cooper is not the first time makes such discoveries – this is trte largest prime number discovered by him. His first record was recorded in the U.S. in 2005., Then in 2006. Series of victories of the American scientist broke another record, having won a computer in Los Angeles in 2008. Today’s opening of Dr. Cooper regained the championship.

To prove that the number of truly open is simple, it took 39 days K.Kuperu calculations on a computer of the University. Three machines at once, to carry out checks of the data.

Mersenne numbers are named after the French mathematician Marin Mersenne, their sequence starts as 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255. Mersenne prime to prominence in connection with the effective criterion of simplicity Lucas – Lehmer by which primes have long held the lead as the largest known prime number. In practice, the number of Mersenne used to construct pseudo-random numbers with long periods, as an example, a vortex Mersenne.

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