ITC investigates Motorola’s second patent complaint against Apple

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The U.S. trade agency International Trade Commission (ITC) has received a complaint from another Motorola Mobility launched investigation against Apple . Google’s daughter claimed that certain iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs infringe its patents.


The Motorola complaint filed in August. According to Bloomberg, it’s about seven rights. They describe, among other functions, such as e-mail notifications, location reports and video player. The company aims to achieve a ban on the devices in question.The lawsuit should also increase the pressure on Apple and help bring about some agreement in patent dispute between the two companies.

In the next step, the ITC will now determine an administrative law judge, who deals with the case.Then usually followed by a hearing and take evidence. Then the judge makes a preliminary decision, which is confirmed by a six-member panel of the Authority must be before it can enter into force.

A final judgment on Motorola’s first patent complaint against Apple is also still missing. End of August, the ITC revoked their decision at first instance in parts. Therefore not violated Apple three of the four mentioned by Motorola rights. The fourth patent remanded the Commission to the competent administration Judge Thomas Pender. It describes a sensor, which determines how close a user holds his or her mobile device to his head. The judge must determine the validity of the patent and the potential violation again.

According to patent blogger Florian Mueller includes Motorola’s second ITC complaint no standard relevant patents. “Import bans that are based on standards relevant patents are very problematic,” writes Muller, who works as a consultant for companies such as Microsoft and Oracle, in his blog .

Mueller estimates that in 2014, the ITC will rule on an import ban against Apple. “From the date of the initiation of an investigation ITC usually takes 16 to 18 months, sometimes longer. The testing of Motorola’s second complaint against Apple will not be completed before 2014. “

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