The name and design of the iPhone 5C are confirmed now

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Although some manufacturers take pains to hide internal data upcoming releases, it’s hard to keep a secret. Thanks to resources, this time, are confirmed the name and the design of the iPhone 5C, which have already sold some accessories.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

He who at first was called iPhone Mini is closer to the date of filing, the next September 10. For quite a while it was rumored that the real name of the device would be iPhone 5C , along with how to call their mobile devices from Apple.The fact of using the same name as its flagship current mobile the addition of a “C” makes it more attractive than if this were not named. Why? Because it already has a “hole” in the market , is a distinguished device.

The range receives iPhone iPhone 5 5C

This will create a range of Apple devices in which either fit the current iPhone 5, the new iPhone iPhone 5S and 5C to offer consumers the essence of Apple on a mobile device “low cost”. It is unclear whether the “C” is meant to refer to “Cheap” (English, cheap) or to “Color”, which would make more sense knowing the “Apple philosophy.”

The design of the iPhone 5C is confirmed

Whether or not actual photographs that reveal the packaging of the new iPhone 5C, is perfectly contrasted the name and design of the device is real , therefore, will market an iPhone with a finish that will make plastic similar to its brother “major” (on spec) but it will make Apple can approach other consumers who seek a less powerful and at a lower price.

While many hits that the body will be made ​​of plastic , remembering that we will realize the iPhone first, second and third generation already incorporated this material and, with the new iPhone 5C, the novelty would be the inclusion new colors in the catalog of the bitten apple smartphone, the iPhone 5C. Thus, Apple would achieve a greater number ofsales among younger consumers and also get further distinguish its flagship, the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S as a luxury product, the iPhone 5C a ‘low cost’

Although currently the iPhone 5 is a device for high-end , it is easy to see in the hands of all types of consumers when, in fact, it is a “luxury”. When you launch a model “low cost”, Apple also seek his flagship, the iPhone 5S, take a more logical in a product catalog that is about to grow significantly.

Thus, the iPhone would be consumer-oriented 5C young while the iPhone 5S would be oriented to a more specific type of consumer who seeks a distinguished product design, performance and handheld materials with which to in addition to making and receiving calls , conduct any business function. That is, do not change anything until now, but that would be segmented product orientation.

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