Specification: LG Prime Plus smartphone

LG Prime Plus is for those consumers who want to make good pictures and enjoy a big, bright screen. It also enters the class of “mobile phones made ​​to take selfies” with a front camera of 5 MP and processor having a 32-bit chip.
LG can use higher bit processor but not to let the price go up much, LG decided to opt for a cheaper component.

LG managed to build a beautiful handset and you have a pleasant feeling in the user’s hand. This is because it has a slightly curved shape at the back and also on the screen. The slightly curved screen enhances performance when typing. You also feel a difference when carrying it in your pocket.

The display of this smartphone has several technologies that LG has developed and using in various devices, including TVs and tablets. In the Prime Plus, we have a 5 ‘screen HD resolution (720), which results in a pixel density of 293 ppi. The human eye can distinguish the points present on the screen up to 300 ppi.

In a matter of brightness, the display is quite interesting. You will not have trouble seeing what is on the screen outdoors, and automatic brightness control works very efficiently. The problem is color reproduction. The LG Prime Plus turns naturally more bright colors in color rather dark, without much saturation.

The smartphone is really beautiful with a nice texture on the back. There are three color options: white, black and silver. Prime Plus design language was inaugurated with the LG G3 and is also present in other intermediaries of the brand, such as LG Volt and the LG Leon . All are very similar, but the back covers have their own characteristics in each of them. Also noteworthy is the power and volume buttons which are in the back face of the cell, the trademark of LG.

For its size, the Prime Plus is lightweight, weighing 144 g. Under the cover, it has a removable battery, a space for micro SD cards and two SIM chips.

LG decided to embark on Prime Plus simpler internal components to let the lower price. Therefore, you can’t expect exemplary performance smartphone. Other than that, strange bugs make using bad enough device in some isolated moments.

On paper, however, it is a declared intermediary. We have a 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek chip which can range up to 0.6 GHz, according to the AnTuTu Benchmark 5.0. In these times of low clock, you can experience crashes and slowdowns.

Apps like Candy Crush Saga Soda and Riptide GP2 showed some quick gagging on Prime Plus. After running these games on your phone, it will slowdown in the interface. The device also played touches on the screen and wrong way at times, which ends up being very annoying for the user.

When you get out of these problems, making moderate use and limited to basic functions of Android , the device works perfectly well without gagging or anything like that.

Prime Plus battery has 2460 mAh and can keep the phone running for a day and a half of moderate use or a whole day in heavy use. This means that the smartphone will not let you down in the middle of the day if you connect it to the socket every night.

LG did a good job in customizing the interface Android Lollipop in Prime Plus. It is not as clean as the original interface of the Google.

Most of the icons are simpler and flatter, and the design of the original software of the company is more sober. Basically, we can say that LG has taken a bit of visual material design, but is still much more attached to the style “Holo”, the KitKat and Jelly Bean.

The strength of this LG intermediary is its ability to shoot with both the front camera as with the rear. The 8 MP sensor from the back can make good catches with sufficient lighting, presenting photos with great color reproduction and very precise contrast to the category.

The mobile focus is a highlight that allows the user to make images with effects of depth of field, for example. In low light, the rear camera loses some performance, but you can’t take a lot of devices in this category overnight.

The front camera has a fixed focus and is good for making selfies. It has 5 MP and takes satisfactory pictures most of the time. However, if you are in a condition of minimally challenging lighting, colors are through “washed” and a bit of noise starts to appear.

However, LG makes up these issues with various software features that make the experience of shooting with the Prime Plus more interesting. For example, you can “take photos with gestures”: raise your hand and make the move to close it. A countdown of three seconds begins, and the picture is taken then. This does not always work, however, requiring a little effort. The software also offers other possibilities, with HDR, timer, mirror photo, Cheese Shot and video in Full HD.

TV and Radio
To draw more attention to your smartphone, LG boarded the Prime Plus the digital TV functions and FM radio. With this, you can keep up with local programming even without internet access.

The LG model has more customization features, has dual-chip, digital TV and FM radio. The problem is that it has little internal storage. They are only 8 GB of native space, and only the system already takes up half of it. In the end, you have to make do with the remaining 4 GB. Of course you can expand it with memory cards, but most apps for Android still can not be saved out of native memory. This greatly limits the use of smartphone, letting you down in many situations. If this seems like a big problem for you, it is best to seek an option with 16 GB or more.

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