The ‘game of snake’ will be available for smartphones

Long before Candy Crush and Angry Birds, the game “Snake” which was developed in 1997 and available in Nokia mobiles, will return this month to Android platforms, iOS and Windows Phone, under the name “Snake Rewind”.

Many game developers have tried to recreate similar experiences in the Snake for smartphones – so much so that app stores are full of them, but none of the versions managed to place. A major problem that these developers faced was the experience of trigger keys that allowed to play, because with the evolution of mobile, they ended up losing the physical keyboards and this made it difficult enough in time to play.

Resources ensures that the new version of the snake little game will come fully adapted to smartphones without compromising the old story of the game. The game will hit free platforms, with the ability to make purchases within the game (special fruits that multiply the points or may attract other fruits) for those gamers who wish to advance phase faster. Snake Rewind shall consist of ten phases, with visual and own soundtrack.

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