French scientists say they have created human sperm in vitro

The French biotechnology company announced Kallistem have created human sperm in vitro, using immature testicular cells.



Scientists explained that the sperm were developed in late 2014 from testicular biopsies from patients who had only spermatogonia, ie immature germ cells , as the company explained in a statement.

These results open the way to new therapies that help many men to maintain or regain their fertility.

This research is particularly relevant when considering that various studies have shown, in the last half century, a 50 percent reduction in the number of sperm in an average man.

Scientists clarified that preclinical studies will last until 2016 , and clinicians will begin the following year.

Details of the research Kallistem, a biotechnology company based in Lyon, were not informed, although scientists considered that the finding was a “world first”. The company’s goal is to commercialize the technology developed in five years.

The company has no plans to publish his findings in a specialist before June 23 magazine because of patent issues, he explained the scientific magazine Sciences et Avenir on its website.

So far only he had succeeded in developing sperm in vitro mouse.

Meanwhile, several scientists have pointed out that the discovery is auspicious. “If it works, this procedure raises expectations,” said Nathalie Rivas, the assisted reproduction center of Rouen hospital, interviewed by the newspaper Le Figaro.

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