iPad mini: price is unknown

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Hours before the start of show for Apple in San Jose seems that the only question that remains is price. The stakes are between 299 and $ 349, winning in the last whole hour of 329, according to 9 to5 Mac Tampco seems to doubt the name: iPad Mini, even here there could be surprises, as happened with the iPad 3 that iPad only called for confusion of all. It also assumes the size of the screen, which will be of 7.85 inches versus the iPad’s 9.75.

There will undoubtedly be more announcements in a show that will be close to two hours, although they seem less attractive: Macinstosh improvements, Retina display technology or not, more and better Air iBook but, as usual the company and maintain prices.

If after 1900 hours of Tuesday, Spanish time, Apple does not announce its mini tablet, it’s called it’s called, will have laughed good of all analysts, experts and journalists applemaniaco world. In fact it did to change the place of Annunciation, from San Francisco to San Jose, and the date, the 17th of the current 23.

The date may have more to do with competition than with the desire to go against the media. The three largest U.S. technology, Apple, Microsoft and Google have focused their presentations in a week, something unprecedented, treading the halo of each of them and breaking an unwritten rule of respect their shows.

If Apple announces new tablet today and best laptops, on Thursday Microsoft presents its laptop-tablet Surface and operating system Windows 8, and Monday, Google will present new versions of Android and Nexus tablet 10 inch (larger than the current one, in reverse path traveled by Apple). To round off the week, as Monday, and perhaps at the same time, Microsoft will present Windows Phone 8.

Competition is total, without respect to any other niche, on the contrary, fighting every little advantage as might be the pages of newspapers and websites spaces, which will result in an expected loss of care for all and even a surfeit of consumer who chooses to stay as is. Still, everyone seems to want everything, who towards software gets into the world of manufacturing machines and who was on the Internet turns into physical products.

This week, which gives the go-ahead to the Christmas season will be crucial in the future of more than one company. For some, such as Nokia and Microsoft, is another opportunity to occupy a niche in the world of smartphones, for others, like Google, is a new attempt to achieve success with your own devices, such as tablets and portable operating system beyond Android. And for Apple, this time, they are fighting for the mass market. Get out your niche cool and high price to fight for schools and government deals with Amazon and Google, sectors where price is critical to get contracts worth millions. The answer to such a question mark, as of this afternoon.


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