No more Windows after Windows 10 for Microsoft

Microsoft said it has not decided how it will still call the operating system after Windows 10.

“There will be Windows 11,” said Steve Kleynhans, vice president of Gartner’s research.
Kleynhans said Microsoft had avoided using the “Windows 9” name for the version that came after Windows 8. Instead, it chose by the name “Windows 10” as a way to break with the past of individual versions of the operating system.

However, he said, the initiative has created many problems for Microsoft and its customers. “Every three years, Microsoft creates” the next wonderful operating system, “he said.

The company also had to allocate large sums of money and investment in marketing to convince the public that a new version was not only necessary, but better than the previous one, said Kleynhans.

Move in a direction in which Windows is constantly updated break this cycle, giving greater flexibility for users to test new features and the company see how they react.

Few days back, Jerry Nixon, development executive, in Chicago had said during a conference, that Windows 10 would be the “last version” of the software, which dominates the computer market for decades.

Nixon’s statements were confirmed by Microsoft, which said it would upgrade Windows in the future of “continuously”.
According to the company, rather than new individualized versions, Windows 10 would have periodic updates. Microsoft said that the statements of your executive reflect a change in how your software will be produced. “Windows will be delivered as a service bringing innovations and updates on an ongoing basis,” said Microsoft, which said he hoped the software has “long life”.

Most of the revenue generated by Windows to Microsoft comes from sales of new computers, and Kleynhans believes that this should not be affected.

“Overall, this is a positive step, but there are some risks,” he says.
“Microsoft will have to work hard to keep regular updates and new features,” he says, adding that there are still unanswered questions about how corporate customers would adapt to change and how Microsoft would provide support.

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