Ericsson again sues Apple for patent

Ericsson has asked the German, Dutch and British courts to determine whether or not the patents Apple had used the Swedish group in its devices. If the decision is in favor of Ericsson, the group for an injunction that would prevent Apple from selling its popular ranges of smartphones and tablets in the three countries. Work in the three countries refer to the standards of the so-called 2G and 4G / LTE that are considered essential for use in smartphones, as well as the design of semiconductor components and wireless communications not cell. Ericsson said it had tried to reach an agreement with Apple on a global license for patents from Ericsson for two years, but companies have failed to reach an amicable settlement.

According to the statement of Kasim Alfalahi, director of intellectual property at Ericsson “Apple continues to leverage Ericsson’s technology without a valid license in place. Our technology is used in many features and functionality of communication devices of today. We are confident that the courts in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands will be able to help us resolve this issue in a fair manner. ”

Ericsson with its rival Nokia , is one of the largest owners of the essential technology in the smartphone industry with over 37,000 patents granted. He built a great company, a license for the decision makers of smartphones, but it is no longer its own smartphones from the sale of a half share in a joint venture with its Japanese partner of the past in 2011. The financial results of the Swedish group in the last quarter were affected by the lack of agreement with Apple on the license conditions, which contributed to a shock drop in profitability.

Under intellectual property rules, the company must provide “essential” patents judged on fair and reasonable terms to any authorized user. The holders of essential patents such as Ericsson are compensated in proportion to their contribution to the standardized technology. Ericsson has signed more than 100 patent licensing agreements with most major industry players.

Ericsson said it had offered to enter arbitration with Apple to reach a global license agreement for patents that are essential for industry standards, but this offer has now expired. Apple declined to comment on pending litigation, however, the group launched a counterclaim in the California federal court alleging that it did not infringe the patents and should not royalties Swedish society.

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