Scientists find the ‘recipe’ to live 100 years

Scientists identified three simple steps anyone can take to live longer order

live 100 years

What to do to live more than a hundred years? According to a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), quittingsmoking , manetener healthy levels of cholesterol and no longer than four cups of coffee a day are some of the everyday practices to be taken to prolong life.

The study, published in Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal , analyzed the habits of 855 men from birth (1913) until his death.  Of the participants, only 27%  lived 80 years; 13% 1.16% 90 to 100 years.

The deaths were mainly from heart disease, infections, cerebrovascular accidents, cancer and pneumonia

“After identifying the factors that cause people to live more than 50 years, our recommendation for those who aspire to live a decade is to change the lifestyle for a healthier, “says e Dr. Lars Wilhelmsen, who led the research.

Although the genetic factor greatly influences the longevity of people, the study has shown that eating and physical activity are stronger factors , indicates the specialist.

“We found that people with healthy habits lived longer and in better conditions,” says  Wilhelmsen

Of the total sample, five  men exceeded 100 years. D I lived alone in their homes five needed the help of a nurse.  None of them smoked, and all enjoyed a good space-time perception. 

In addition, despite using walkers walking, all had good posture and none were overweight.

“They were clinically healthy and psychologically stable,” the study concludes.

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