Microsoft launches MSN for iOS and Android.

Microsoft want their applications to as many users as possible by their expansion plans . The MSN suite is now available for iOS, Android and various other devices like Fire Phone and Kindle Amazon Fire . While thinking about few days back, it was a matter of time that certain applications reach other operating systems – all are totally free and contain no advertising . Their versions for iPad and iPhone will be designed in August .

With this media Microsoft aims to reach more people and thus get many more people to use their services.The suite includes the following applications MSN: MSN Gourmet,Health, Money, News, Sports, Travel, Weather and Welfare. From now all users can enjoy Microsoft applications regardless of operating system and device they use normally.

The changes being made ​​at Microsoft by their new CEO, Satya Nadella surprise many people. They seem to have a more open mind , before certain products were exclusive. However, now you can even download Office for iOS and Android have even worked with Dropbox developers to integrate it into the suite of Microsoft office in exchange Windows Phone users will soon be the official Dropbox app.

While Microsoft launches its application for Android, Windows Phone users have no official implementation of Google, nor any to expect short term. They already said they want to focus on services and cloud, so it makes sense to bring their services to iOS and Android, as they are in the queue to grab mobile operating systems market.

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