Keep charged to your Apple Watch; Here are some devices

Because of the short duration that has the device battery, here are accessories you should not miss.Choose the one you like and ask for it now!


A few weeks of the pre Apple Watch and many news came around the same, however, the developers of gadgets also worked hard and had accessories that can be used to charge the device, due to the short duration which has its battery.

And so, as the Cupertino company continues full steam ahead with the production of the device, the charger can be choosing that most suits your needs.

It should be mentioned that you’re not the only one eager to have it since the date thousands of users are still waiting, but “while they are pears or apples are”, here are some of the many accessories on the market.


Apple had held on April 24 as the date limits would be available on their smart watch, but not make an official announcement on its website changed product to date “available in 2015”.

For now, given the delay and generated speculation, Apple immediately informed all his followers and issued a statement.

“Our team is working to fulfill orders as quickly as possible based on the available supply and the order in which they were received; We know that many customers still face long lead times and appreciate your patience, “said the millionaire business.

Luxury Pocket Stand

It is made from a single piece of African mahogany, it has an entry that firmly holds the magnet charger, charging base is collapsible meaning that can be folded to carry anywhere, has 2 year warranty and can already pre order in Pad & Quill, it will cost 69.99 dollars (46 billion pesos), and delivery takes place in mid-May.

Norman Pod

This device is ideal for people who travel a lot traveling or for any situation you like, since being small you can take it anywhere and also ensures four full loads Apple Watch, if you find yourself in a place where it is not possible plug in the charger, you can connect to Nomad Pod and all sorted.

You can already pre-order on the site of Nomad, but will be available until June 15, it is priced at $ 59.95 (900 pesos).

Premium One

This gadget is one of the most complete because it is not just for charging the Apple Watch, also has versions (W1, W2 and W3), who have tickets to load the iPhone and iPad, is adjustable to any kind of leash and watch models will be available in silver, gold and black tones. Prices may vary depending on the model you want to pre order need only visit the site.


With the slogan “Power and protection for the Apple Watch” this device, and adjust to the wrist, you can double the battery life.

It is made with a core of polypropylene plastic with silicone rubber skin is available in two versions of 38 mm and 42 mm, the first will cost $ 89 (335 thousand dollars), while the latter costs $ 99 (1485 dollars). You can pre-order on the official site.

TRIO Charging Station

The TRIO Charging Station, besides having the sole basis for Apple Watch, allows you to charge any device whether smartphone or tablet because it contains an amperage of USB dual charging has OLED lighting, which in addition to providing light, to interact with the clock even in low light, also including the magnetic induction charging. On the official website there is not yet ordering information and prices.

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